VISION BOARDS: The right and wrong way to do them

Vision boards are a beautiful and effective tool for setting and visualizing goals. When done well they’re powerful in bringing abut the change we want to see in our lives. But there are pitfalls.

Vision Boards

Story time

I’ve been creating vision boards for years now. I started long before they were on trend. In fact, they were so far from mainstream that I kept my boards in private because people didn’t really get what they were all about. I always found they were a powerful tool in making my dreams reality. I would look back on a board after six months and find that every single dream had become reality. 

I took a break from vision boards during a more stressful part of my life and then into motherhood, when I just didn’t think about doing them. It reached a point though were I needed to refocus and find my purpose. So, I went back to the familiar and created a new vision board.

Proud of myself I went about my days and weeks building my dreams into reality. And then something happened. Something that shouldn’t have but did catch me completely by surprise. My marriage nearly fell apart. My husband suggested a separation. And I couldn’t breathe.

Leaving the uglier details aside, it was a massive wake up call for me. I had been trying to rediscover ‘me’ now that I was a mother. I had aspirations in business and motherhood, all hoping these things would make my husband proud. But one day in the midst of separation I stood staring at my vision board wondering what on earth had gone wrong. And then I realised, my relationships didn’t even make it onto the vision board.

My priorities were all off. Somewhere along the lines I’d forgotten that what was most important was my life was my loved ones and without them nothing else really had any value anyway.

Thankfully my wake up call came in time for me to make changes (and save my marriage). I ripped up that vision board and started fresh, this time focusing on priorities and intentions.

Because I really don’t want you to fall into a similar trap I decided to share my story and give you some tips on creating a vision board that won’t lead you astray.

Vision casting

To create a really clear and thoughtful vision board you first must be clear on your vision. It seems obvious I know but many of us think we know our vision when we don’t. To create your vision focus on how you want to feel, and not what you want to have.

“I want to feel secure and connected with my loved ones, while feeling independent as a woman.”


“I want have $x, own a home and go on a holiday to x.”

Once you have a clear idea of how you want to feel start your vision board with a single picture that describes how you want to feel.

Vision Boards

The next steps
  • Create a time frame for your vision board. I find 6 months the most useful for me.
  • Make a list of your highest priorities in life and find pictures, symbols, photos and so on to represent them on your vision board.
  • Set your intentions. If you’re not sure how head to the Intention Setting Method for all the tools you need.
  • Build on your vision picture and priorities with more visuals that support the different facets of your vision.

Voila! You have a vision board.

Good luck, and as always, I’ve got your back.


Access the Intention Setting Resources here.

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