INTENTION SETTING METHOD: Support for living with purpose

If you follow Project: Breathe then you’d know that I’m all about living with purpose.

One method I’ve used for a while now to help me keep centered on my purpose is to set my intentions for my day each morning. However, it proved challenging to keep up with it day to day. I wanted to create a method of intention setting that would help me to stay accountable and also help you to feel more intentional in your day.

So, what are intentions, how does it relate to purpose and how can you get in on the action?

Intention Setting Method


What are intentions?

Intentional living is a concept that has been explored for centuries and is weaved into meditation and some yoga practices. So, it can seem a bit “out there.” It doesn’t have to be though. There is room for intentions in our day to day lives.

Intentions are not to-do lists or goals for external achievements and material possessions. When I speak of intentions I am referring to our internal processes and the energy we choose to fill ourselves with.

How does it relate to purpose?

Essentially, I believe we all have a purpose in life, a calling if you will. I believe that purpose changes throughout our life- as nothing ever stays the same and as we grow and change so does our purpose. Purpose is that deep longing feeling that you’re meant to be doing something. Something important.

But in this crazy world we live in it can be really hard to know what that something is and how to build that something into our life.

One way to support this process is through intention setting. By taking the time to stop and listen to our heart we are able to gain clarity and reduce overwhelm by making manageable daily changes toward living a purposeful life.

The Intention Setting Method

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to increase the intention setting in my own life. And, I wanted to do so in a really accountable way that could also help others to experience more intentional days.

Over the past month of doing this I’ve noticed that my days are so much more manageable, I’m getting less stressed and I feel more in control of my day. Because of this personal success I decided to put more structure and support around the process, making it easier for you to join in.

How does it work?
Access the printable worksheet

To access the printable worksheet for daily intention setting just pop in your name and email.

You’ll then receive an email from me with the access password to The Library.

The Mantra

Part of the Intention Setting Process is creating mantras for yourself. A mantra is a phrase or a message that is created based on what message you need to hear from your heart to support you in achieving your goals. This can be a challenge for some people. But, I won’t be providing you with mantras. The point of this process is to learn to listen to your heart. And that takes practice. But, I’ve got some examples here so it feels less scary for you.

You’ve got this lady.

I’m strong enough for this.

My life is good.

I have control of my emotions.

It’s what your soul needs.

I can’t wait to connect with you.



P.S. Credit to Ashley Elle Design for the photo.

About Rach

Hi, I’m Rach! First off, you’re amazing. Second, I know that you are a soulful person, pouring everything you have into supporting people through your gift. And, you love it. But, you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost. I am a Purpose & Productivity coach for gentle-souled entrepreneurial women who want to build clarity, intention and purpose into their lives. My years of experience in counselling and life coaching, as well as spiritual practices, has given me a unique style where I gently, but oh so effectively, allow you to get to the core of pain, supports your healing and facilitates an environment for you to thrive. Working with me means feeling validated and supported. It means being allowed to say the things you’re scared to say because it holds so much fear. And, it means clearing the clouds away to allow the sunshine back in. You support others and I support you.

4 thoughts on “INTENTION SETTING METHOD: Support for living with purpose

  1. Hey there,

    I really love your website! And I totally agree with your intention setting mindset!
    It’s so important to not let days just go by…running a routine!!

    We should make intentional living our first priority, instead of chasing our tales day in and day out!

    Keep doing what you do…you are inspiring!!

    1. Aw thank you Verena! I agree 100%. Living with intention allows us to choose the life we want, instead of life just happening. I appreciate your support so much xx

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